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The Whosthisguy "Lifestyle Plan" is a plan designed around your personal needs and goals.  A calorie controlled diet is key to achieving the body you dream of and that is exactly what we focus on.  With this plan you will receive your own calorie limit along with a step goal.  Weekly check-ins to ensure you stay on track along with support from not only myself but others who have also signed up to this plan via WhatsApp.  Every Tuesday I run an online seminar for those with a Lifestyle Plan in which we discuss a hot topic while keeping a wonderfully motivated community.


Saturday mornings shouldn't be wasted led in bed.  Why not get up early and get that workout in?  And that is exactly what we do.  A mix of cardiovascular and resistance training make these boot camps "fun" for all.  We keep the session open to all abilities and love seeing new faces.  

Ridgway Family Fitness is the location with currently just the one class a week.  1st session is free so click on the button above for your free coupon. 

Block bookings are available and do not have to be used on consecutive weeks.

from £30(per 50 mins)

I offer Personal Training currently on just 2 evenings a week.  Wednesday and Thursdays from 5pm.

I run this from my home studio which is kitted with everything needed to make that change.  Running PT sessions from a home studio means that I can keep the costs down and give you that real 1 on 1 experience without having to wait for equipment to come free at the gym.

Click the button above to find out more.

Only a couple of spaces left.

1 on 1 Personal Training

2 on 1 Training 


If you are looking at budgets and wondering how you can get the most of you money, then look no further.

This bundle includes all the following:

- Lifestyle plan entry.

- Free entry to boot camps.

- 1 PT session per week.

There are limited spaces for this bundle and only 2 available.

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