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Xmas time, Mistletoe and whine, whine, whine

Ok yes it's Christmas very soon but why do people feel that there is a need to throw all that hard work out the window just for a week or 2, minimum of excessive overeating.

Throughout the year or however long you have been dieting for you will hopefully of made some real impressive changes to not only your bodies composition but your health and general lifestyle. Making sensible choices while out and ensuring that the diet doesn't start to control you.

We all know the feeling of going out for a meal and binge eating like we are on death row and we will never see food again and you will also know how you feel an hour to a week afterwards

Struggling to go an hour without feeling peckish and finding your mojo slowly slipping away.

So why do we allow ourselves to do this over Christmas as well.

Now I am not saying do not enjoy some extra treats but just be sensible. Having 4 advent calendars a variety pack of Cadbury treats and maybe even 5-6 mince pies is just not needed and will only make you feel REALLLLLY SHITTY

So please take care over the next few weeks and keep your progress in the back of your mind. Why start the new year on a low when you can start on a real high.

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