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Why has dieting not worked for you?


Are you one of the guys who are constantly hitting up the newest diet trend? I mean you’ve tried them all…

Slimming World

Weight Watchers




Maybe even been desperate enough to try using the pills and shakes diet.

Well there has been a reason that none of these have worked for you. Now what if I told you that it wasn’t you and your body that was causing the issue. What if in fact I told you that these diets didn’t work because they weren’t tailored to your needs / goals.

We live in a country where most of the population can afford their own food. To be able to go into a shop and buy most products that we enjoy eating is definitely a privilege that we take for granted.

Now the problem lies in these diets and that they can actually take this privilege away from us. Most of the new fad diets will mean that you have to give up a whole food group. Labelling foods as syns or claiming that certain foods or Macronutrients will cause you to gain fat.

No, no, no… one food on its own does not have the ability to make you gain fat. Now one food in abundance will have the ability to tip you into a calorie surplus but you need to understand that it is not that one food but instead your inability to control what you eat, not always a fault of your own but due to the lack of knowledge that you have obtained by following some shitty diet that your best mate has done “so well” in.

There will be only a small percentage of people who have started one of these diets, has hit their goal body image and has managed to maintain that point. You’ll know what I mean… They start a diet and do great in the first 4 weeks, dropping almost 2 stone. But at what cost?

First of all that weight that you have dropped will not be just fat. This is likely to be a mixture of fat, water and can even be muscle atrophy. Now 2 stone in 4 weeks sounds great but what happens after that 4 weeks is a number of things. Which one of these have you heard or had the pleasure of dealing with first hand?

- After 4 weeks and losing 2 stone you feel like you have mastered it. The weight is flying off and you start to wonder why you haven’t done this before. The next week you expect another 6lb loss but get disheartened when you see only 1lb or if you are lucky maybe 2lb. This gets you down and you start questioning if this is the right plan for you, maybe the effects of whatever you are doing is wearing of, so you decide to have a “week off”. Next week you find out that this “week off” has resulted in you putting on 8lb. You fly off the rails and just give up. That 1st 4 weeks were difficult and you do not want to go through that all again so you just give up on your hopes and dreams.

- This new diet your on is saying that you cannot enjoy the food you like. Lets use bread as an example. Sandwiches, burgers, naan bread with a curry, even croutons to go on your soup, all no longer allowed in your diet. The 1st week goes by and you don’t think much of it. But at some point you’ll see someone chomping down on a big tasty farmhouse sandwich and your mouth will start watering. You think to yourself, “I’ve done so well that surely one sandwich will not make me gain weight.” Problem is you are already on the close side of a calorie surplus and that one sandwich tends to lead to a small blip in the weeks plan. You end up weighing yourself and find a sneaky lb has been put on. This cannot be that you have over eaten, oh no you think to yourself. This must be that 2 slices of bread you had. You will then classify bread as a demon food and tell everyone who is eating a big mac that you shouldn’t eat the bread as THAT will make you fat.

- Your friend or some nobody tries to sell you a plan that has made them lose lots of weight. Just enter code “givemeyourmoney” or “idontcareaboutyouonebit” and all your dreams will come true. You recieve your products and soon have to come to the realisation that you are now going to transform into some human/fish Mofo who only drinks their meals. This is probably one of my most hated diets out there. Before you buy any of these plans please do some research before. I have seen these plans being sold which puts people are no more than 1000 calories per day. I wouldn’t wish that on my greatest enemy. So what happens here is you will be on this ridiculous amount of calories and maybe, just maybe the first week or two you do well, you do not feel tired or hungry and that is normally due to you doing something exciting, something new, but let me tell you that this will not last long, soon you will be lacking energy, motivation and will be the hangriest person alive. You will then end up crashing back down with an almighty thud as you find yourself binge eating whatever you can get your hands on with the “f**k it” attitude.

Dieting and losing weight does not have to be fed to you in some sort of cryptic message. It is really simple when you are given the correct information and that Is exactly what we do at Whosthisguy.

You want to eat the foods you enjoy, then do it. You want to have a can of beer or glass of wine, enjoy.

With the right support and information reaching your goals do not have to be difficult. Once you understand what your body need and wants and you find the good balance of the both you will find only results.

Losing big amounts of weight is not the key to a successful diet. A successful diet is one which is easy to adhere to while getting the results and having the ability an knowledge to keep it all off.

Find a diet that educates you rather than depresses you.

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