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Why a 12 week plan isn't going to cut

In the dieting / weight loss world there are too many diets and transformation plans which consist of anywhere between 6-12 weeks of extreme dieting changes to a persons current regime. Cutting out certain foods or maybe even entire food groups as a whole.

But what does this give you?


Before I answer this I think it should be said that most coaches at some point will offer out their 12 week transformation package in the hope to bring in a vast amount of new clients with a small percentage of them being strict enough to last the period and get some great results which in turn will be posted all over social media for all to celebrate until those clients will inevitably return to their old eating habits as soon as that 12 week period is up.

I myself have offered out these 12 week transformation plans previously, although I feel the reason these were not as “successful” as others was due to my less restrictive way of asking my clients to restrict their calorie intake.


Sustainability (within dieting) is the act of continually working towards a goal along the ups and downs that will come your way and not be deterred from it over a prolonged amount of time.

Sustainability will become easier when there are no extremities within a diet and restrictions kept to a minimum.

You will all of heard of diets with these extremely restrictive dieting techniques, such as:

- No carbohydrates

- No sugars

- No meats

- Excessive amounts of meats

- The 5 -2 diets

- And even a milk diet (yes that is apparently a thing)

These are not going to be sustainable.

Ok, they may get you some short term results such as weight loss but this will only be a temporary outcome as you will not of been able to learn anything about what your body actually needs to live a long happy life with the results that you really need rather than the ones you feel you want.


Quick weight loss programs are exactly as they sound.

Let me put it this way. How many people do you know who are constantly on a diet? A new craze / fad that is promised surfboard abs in just 8 weeks. Drop 2 stone in 4 weeks just like “Karen” did.

Ignoring the fact that “Karen” was probably excessively overweight when starting. Went on an extreme calorie deficit for 8 weeks then put most of the weight back on after the coach has stollen all their pics for their own Insta pages.


The Whosthisguy Lifestyle plan has been designed in a way to give you the best possible chance to have a sustainable diet/lifestyle which will give you the best possible results.

Now the results you want will not be over 8 weeks but what I can promise you is that you WILL get results and learn how to keep them over time.

And what more could you possibly want.

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