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Where to find "Inspiration"?

How often do you hear the phrases..."I have no motivation." or "I need that inspiration." I am sure that everyone has had those moments at some point along their fitness and diet journey. I know I have.

So, where do we look to find this inspiration? We could go to Instagram and wish that one day we can achieve the bodies of some of the "Insta models" or we can be a bit more realistic...find something or someone a little more in what I would call the Real World.

Which leads me on nicely to what this post is all about, or should I say who...

Approx. 1 year ago I started off running boot camps and running the more updated version of my lifestyle plans. While running a boot camp in the back of a friends garden I had the pleasure of meeting Sam and Ian Crawford. Now both Sam and Ian had already started their weight loss and fitness journey and with around a stone lost between them already were off to a flying start.

We spoke each week about them coming to the slightly more intense boot camps that I ran up at Bristol Harlequins Rugby club and within a couple of weeks they were there bringing joy to all others with their positive attitudes and class. Signing up to the #whosthisguy lifestyle plan was the next step for them and showed me that they were serious in keeping the journey going.

With easy follow instructions it did not take long for their progress to be seen almost every time we met. Week in, week out it was more a question of how much did you lose rather than did you lose.

Fast forward 1 year (ish) and you will see the huge changes that they have both been through. Both Sam and Ian have shown me incredible support while setting up #whosthisguy and are a huge reason for its success so far.

Let's talk numbers though shall we...

From the day that the power couple signed up they have lost a total of 58lbs (4st, 4lb). But wait, that was not the only success. Ian had set a goal of completing the Bristol 10k this year and to be able to beat a time set by himself of 54 mins. Now sadly Covid struck its nasty head and it sadly got cancelled...but never fear. #whosthisguy managed to set up our own personal 10k in a local field and timed Ian's run. He managed a time of 51.38.

So please do take note that inspiration can be from anyone and anywhere. I for sure think about their journey for my own personal kick up the butt that I sometimes need.

So thank you Sam and Ian and here is to even more success and smashed goals to come.

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