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What should a weight loss journey look like?

Whosthisguy Lifestyle plan was designed to help those struggling with losing weight / fat. The whole plan was to teach people what they should be looking for along their journey.

One of the biggest things that people struggled to come to grips with is that no successful diet will be full of constant weight drops.

Instead the journey will consist of ups and down like these pictures attached.

These ups and downs will be at times of holidays, celebrations, stress and even you female cycles.

Its understanding the normality of this which will give you more chance of reaching your "end goal"

Every week we check in and discuss how the week has been and by looking at the weeks tracking we can start to determine where things may of took a turn

No longer will you feel like quitting. Instead you will be greatfull to know that you no longer need to "get back on track" but instead get back to enjoying your life and food with no restrictions.

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