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What is your goal?

Whatever you decide to do in life you must have a goal to be able to know what direction you need to go in to succeed.

The goal you decide to set should be your own choice and not a goal set by somebody else.

How many times has somebody tried to get you into something that you aren't really passionate about?

Unless that goal you set is what you really want....and I mean really want then the chances of success are low. The goal must also be achievable. This doesn't mean dont set high standards but maybe you need to set smaller goals on the way.

You want to be the director of a firm? You may need to fo through roles like supervisor and manager first.

You want to lose a few stone? Maybe set mini goals of half a stone, 1 stone e.t.c and every time you reach one of these goals make a big deal of it.

We all need those little positives to remeber why we are reaching high in the first place.

When training for a marathon or an iron man, you would go out on the 1st day of training and try and complete a full race. So dont expect to do the same in dieting.

Dieting is a lifestyle and is 100% you get what you put in.

Celebrate the accomplishments, acknowledge the mishaps but keep moving forward.

You've got this.....

Now.... Let us know, what are your goals in life?

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