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What foods will make me fat?

How often do you hear that a certain food will make you fat? Be it sugar, carbs or any other "junk food".

What you need to realise is that it's not what you eat that is making you or has made you fat / overweight but the amount that you are eating. How many times do you look at the packaging to see how many calories there are per serving then completely ignore this and put 3 servings on your plate and still count it as 1.

You need to start being honest with yourself if you want to start seeing results. Even the greatest PT's or online coaches will struggle to get the results if they don't know what their client is eating.

So just for 1 week, give it a go by tracking everything you and drink, then come to the reality that maybe, just maybe you are just over eating.

Here at #whosthisguy we can help you with getting your diet to where it needs to be to get those results you want. Drop me an email or text and i will get back asap.

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