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Tips to starting at a gym

So you finally come to the decision to up the game a little by joining a gym... but which gym should you pick?

Now a days it seems like you only have to turn the corner and there is another gym opening up.

So here are just a few thing to do when shopping around.

1. Gym induction

Most gyms will offer a free induction session. This will normally involve a gym instructor walking around with you and giving you the low-down on what they have and some of the gym rules.

Each gym will have different equipment and rules so find one that suits your needs.

2. Distance

How far away is the gym to you and how would you get there?

Picking a gym that is closest to you isn't always the best decision. Instead you may want to plan the times you would visit the gym along with where you work and the route home.

There may be a more suitable gym on your travels.

3. Personal trainers

Are you looking for a PT? Well take this into consideration as well.

Make sure you do some research on the PT's in the gyms and see if any of them are also offering a free induction.

Finding a PT that you gel with is extremely important to your progress.

4. Gym opening times

If you find that the gyms are not open at the times you need to go then there are always the 24 hour commercial gyms.

Again do your research before committing.

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