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The only thing stopping you is...

How many time have you started a diet?

How many times have you started a workout plan?

How many times have you started to get your s**t together? Only for it to fall apart after just a couple of days.

I am sure we have all had those moments when we tell ourselves, “This Monday I will get back on track and get my act together.” All for it to be a long-lost memory just a few days late.

But there is always an excuse:

- I do not have time…

- Something came up…

- It was my dog’s birthday…

Let’s focus on the dieting side of all this and understand that the only reason that the results do not come is because of your impatience to see great long-lasting results.

A really successful diet will be full of ups and downs (with the scale) and that is because a really successful diet is not one that should last just 4-8 weeks. Instead see it as more of a change of lifestyle.

Take time to learn what is needed and what must be done, learn how to go out on the weekend and how the week leading up to the event can help maintain progress while still allowing some time to let your hair down.

Understand that an increase in the scales doesn’t mean that you are still not making progress.

Crash diets are designed for you to keep coming back whereas a Lifestyle Plan is designed for you to come, see and conquer.

And the biggest thing that lets us down in the dieting stages are ourselves and lack of dedication.

So find a plan which doesn’t feel like a crash diet and learn that losing weight can be easy.

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