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Increase the food you eat AND lose weight...

So the title of this post may of caught your attention and why not. I mean who wouldn't want to know how to consume more food but still lose weight.

Well it can be done, you just need to be able to open your mind to what this actually means.

I am sure that most of you reading this will understand the "eyes are bigger than your stomach" reference. If not, let me briefly explain...

When you are hungry you will turn into some sort of ravenous beast, wanting to consume anything that gets put in front of us. So, when you decide it's time to eat we tend to order / cook too much based on that greed that has been boiling up inside us. We start to eat and soon realise we have ordered too much, bringing you to a sticky decision of waste food or continue to eat and make us feel ill.

So how can we "eat more food" and still lose weight?

This brings me onto the plate fillers.

A plate filler is a type of food which in itself carries very few calories but has the ability to fill up a plate and make the meal seem like it is bigger than it actually is. These types of foods are normally found in food categories such as salads, fruits and vegetables.

I would always recommend trying to fill around half of your plate with these lower calorie foods to help give the impression of a fuller more calorie dense meal without actually doing so.

Our bodies work in mysterious ways and this is just one of many tips to reduce the calorie intake per meal yet still feel full afterwards.

If i had to give 1 great example, it would have to be a carvery. Once you have selected your meats go straight to the veggies and fill your plate to allow a small corner for your potatoes e.t.c Try to use the plate as a 2D object rather than trying to pile the foods on top of each other. This way you are still having a good meal while making some sensible choices.

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