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Howard times should I train a week?

How many times should I train a week?

There isn't an easy answer to this question. There are lots of variables that need to be considered, such as,

What are you trying to achieve?

This will determine what type of training you will need to undergo. Are you looking at building strength, or maybe training for a marathon. It's very important to train specifically for your end goal.

You wouldn't want to train for a marathon with a power lifting competition coming up.

What time frame have you set yourself?

How long are you allowing yourself to train for this end product? Are we talking short term goals for something like a race, or are we looking at lifetime goals, something more like feeling good about yourself and longevity in mobility.

Try not to give yourself such short times to achieve you end product. Your journey should be there to enjoy and not stress about not hitting a goal in time.

So for those wanting your bodybready for Ibiza in 3 weeks, I am afraid it's too late. Maybe start a good 10 weeks earlier.

What does my life calendar allow?

This for me is the most important question. Before committing to too many sessions a week, check your calendar and see what spare time you really have. Talk with your partner and work out an actual plan.

Too any people will commit to training 4, 5 or maybe even 6 days a week without thinking about reality.

If you commit to such a huge number of days when staring you can really be putting a lot of stress on your life, when actually trying to improve it.

So how should I start?

I would suggest when looking at your calendar, work out how many days you "could" get to the gym.

...Let's say it 5...

Start off by commiting to 3 days and if on those other 2 days you do have time then just count it as a bonus visit.

You are better off, (for your mental health) by choosing a lower number of training days than trying to go for too many and end up "letting yourself down"

Missed sessions continuously are a big factor for people not continuing with their journey. These people feel ashamed and feel like they have let themselves down.

So be sensible and do not overdo it when starting.

Baby steps until you have secured your ways and increase intensity from there.

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