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How to spot reduce...

Now this will probably grab attention by many different people out there and you are likely to be one of the following:

- Someone who is genuinely interested in losing some body fat from around their tummy.

- Some sort of PT or nutritionist who is getting ready to slate this blog.

So for those who do not know what spot reduction means, it is the way to reduce body fat in a specific area of their body. It sounds fantastic doesn’t it and most people will say it is not possible to target one specific area and all those people would be correct.

However, something much better can happen. Instead of just losing body fat from one specific are, what if you could lose body fat from your entire body?

I feel the problem is that when you look in the mirror you will pick up the “bad points” of your body based on what others may say or think about you, when in reality most people do not really care if you are carrying an extra couple of lbs. Now this whole spot reduction thing will only be used by those who are normally in relatively “good shape” and may not need to lose too much more weight.

You are unlikely to see an obese person want to lose just a little weight around their thighs.

What needs to be understood is how body fat loss occurs and consistently stick to some sort of program which includes calorie control.

Over time you will lose weight, lose body fat feel great and if done well, will never have to “diet again.

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