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How to get a 6-pack

A 6 pack is very much a dream attribute for most people but how do you actually achieve this feat?

Believe it or not we all have “abs”. Some of us will just have more belly fat than others which stop us from seeing them.

Your abs / core can be worked in many different ways, which is important. Not only can they be worked with the obvious sit ups, crunches and hours of planking but can also be worked in certain weight lifting exercises, such as, deadlift, squats and weighted carries.

But, it should be known that this is not going to be enough to have visible abs.

To get visible abs you will need to be in a calorie deficit for a prolonged amount of time depending on your current body fat situation.

This is something that you should take your time with and not expect results in just 4-8 weeks, like some programs out there will preach.

If a 6 pack is really your end goal then be ready to work hard for it. Be ready to make some sacrifices and be prepared to have days where you are going to want to quit. It is going to be a tough battle of determination.

But, if you want it, know that you CAN get it.

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