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How much do you eat?... Really?!

When starting to diet it is extremely important to understand what and how much you are eating. So many times i have heard, "I only have a bowl of cereal" or "I just get a meal deal for lunch". Well what if i told you that your meal deals that you buy can vary between around 250 - 1250 calories...yes really.

You will be very shocked and surprised on how small a "serving" is with cereal too.

If we do not track what goes into our bodies then it is going to be extremely difficult to know how much work we need to do to burn it off and get into that calorie deficit.

I urge you to track your food, for just 1 week and see what your actually consuming...and don't forget those cheeky weekend beers.

If you need help then we can help by setting you your own personal calorie goal and step targets to help get you on your way.

For tracking food i use the app called "My Fi

tness Pal"

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