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How can poor sleep result in weight gain?


Ok, lets start off by saying that directly it will not...

However there are studies that show a lack of sleep can be linked to weight gain.

Research found that those who had broken sleep or those who claimed not to be sleeping well had higher levels of the "stress hormone", Cortisol.

Now the problem with this is the higher levels of cortisol within the body also found higher levels of the "hunger hormone", Ghrelin.

As you can see this would then have the affect of feeling hungry while stressed.

This can be then linked to people who are giving a strict diet a whirl. Where people were not allowing them selves flexibility with their foods they were finding it stressful to stick to such a plan.

With these increase levels of stress it would come to a point where the Ghrelin levels would become to high for the persons own self-control and would result in a binge eating session followed by feeling shitty and then even more stressed by letting themselves down.

As you can see this can quickly become a downward spiral with what feels like no end in sight.

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