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Oh no... I'm not on about flexing in the mirror, showing off you hard work. At whosthisguy we use flexing as a term for when you're maintaining. The allowance of being able to let your weight rise up and down a couple of lbs without worrying about it.

When you hear about diets, you'll quite often hear people say that losing weight was the easy bit, but keeping it off is the hard bit. But why is that?

More often than not, when people reach their target weight they believe all the work is done...oh if only. You restrict yourself from all these yummy foods for weeks or months to then start putting the weight back on and wonder why all the good tasting food make you put on weight.

At #whosthisguy we do not restrict any foods or drinks. Instead, what we do is base your diet on a daily/weekly calorie limit. This means that, as long as you track it, you can have whatever you want...just portion sizes may be affected.

Dieting like this means that by the time you reach your goal, you will not be fed up of just eating "rabbit food". Changing not just your diet but the whole basis of your lifestyle and the way that you think about food.

So where does "flexing" come into it all?

When you hit your goal we like to allow a little flex room. The allowance for the scale weight to increase or decrease without having to panic. So if you put on a couple of lbs when at your target weight then do not fear... you are "flexing", enjoying life and appreciating foods.

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