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Do you like football???

For those who have been following whosthisguy for the last 3 years you will of seen that we have ran a couple of sponsored events.

The 1st of which was an event held at a local Pure Gym in Brislington where I spent 24 hours training between a mix of programs including cardio, classes, weight training and even some HIIT. This was an incredible event where people from all over Bristol came and cheered me on. From friends, family to even some people that I had never met before they all joined in throughout which over the whole 24 hours only gave me around 30mins of training on my own

After this event I decided that I wanted to run a more team orientated event which turned out to be the Lunge-a-thon.

The Lunge-a-thon was created by lunging from the Brassmill Trading Estate, Bath to the Centre of Town, Bristol as a team just like a relay. Taking it in turns to lunge to ensure that every inch of the cycle track had been lunged on. This 14mile route was covered by 17 people which meant a minimum of 1,000 lunges per person.

Both of these events were set up to raise money but more important, awareness for a wonderful local mental health charity, Changes Bristol. Over the 2 events we have raised over £4,000 which is an incredible amount for such a small event.

So now those 2 are over I have had time to mull over what will be next.

Now-a-days I do not follow sport as much but I do love playing it. Anything to get me moving around, getting my heart rate up and allowing those endorphins to rush around my body which make me feel great. The Whosthisguy business is more than just losing weight. It’s also about being able to create that community of support while using fitness as a great focus for your goals.

So for next year 2022, we are planning on setting up a football match… but not just any football match. This football match will be played over 24 hours between 2 extra large teams of around 30-40 players. Now that is pretty cool, but it gets better. I am teaming up with Bristol City and one of their legends, Scott Murray who will be helping arrange this event. This event will be for all genders.

We are in talks with a venue and hope to get things finalised in the very near future. I have the sign on forms ready to go so if you are up for the challenge then come to my website and send me an email to show your interest.

There will be a sign on fee which will help towards setting up the event and will also include your own football top.

If you do have questions or know someone who will be willing to support or even a local business who are willing to help sponsor the event by funding the venue or a kit then please let me know by email also.

Please visit my website and click the button saying 24 hour football match.

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