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Common mistakes being made with MyFitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is a fantastic app and is used by millions all over the world, including the whosthisguy clients.

However there are some common mistakes being made when using the app.

  1. The calories burned off in the exercise tab at the top of your screen should be ignored. When calculating the calories for your goal you put in your activity level which should include your normal weeks exercise allowance. Any additional calories burned should not be then used to increase calorie intake but instead be used as increasing your calorie deficit.

  2. Scanning through pre built recipes. Although some of these recipes found in recipe books can be accurate we have found that there can be times where the calories stated are quite far off... So my tip here is to (where possible) scan through your foods while prepping and make your own recipe card for future use.

  3. Creating recipe cards. There is an option on my fitness pal where you can actually create a recipe card for those commonly used meals in the household. Doing this can save so much time from scanning in foods every time to just selecting the pre made recipe card and following you exact ingredients. Try to create 10-20 common meals so you can easily select between certain meals to also help when creating a shopping list.

  4. Pasta, rice and other carbs. I have written a post on this before and will no doubt will have to circle back to this. When weighing out your foods ensure that the packaging and fitness pal makes sense when entering data. When scanning a barcode it often comes up as dried but on the packaging it is calculated as wet. If you get this wrong you could actually be consuming up to 2.2 times the amount of calories for the pasta e.t.c alone. (Mainly when boiling)

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