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Can't is a dirty word

A famous Henry Ford quote, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right

And what a smart bloke he must have been.

Now it is how you interpret this saying as to how much it can affect your life. If you take it as face value like a 12 year old school boy and say something stupid like, “You CAN’T walk to the moon.” Then you obviously are not opening up your mind enough.

Instead take as more of a mind control method.

Staying positive can have a huge affect on the persons success rate in what they are trying to achieve. If you have doubts in you head then you will find your body will fight against the task at hand.

Whether it is dieting, lifting up a heavy weight, giving up smoking or maybe even going for that promotion. If you do not feel confident then you are less likely to succeed.

Try to create yourself a positive headspace by keeping your life in more controlled and positive surroundings. If your friends and family are endlessly putting you down then maybe you need to wake up and make a change somewhere.

Believe in what you want and become what you are truly capable of

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