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5, 4, 3, 2, I'm up

Starting the day off right is, I feel, the most important thing.

Lying in bed and snoozing the alarm every 10 mins is no good for anyone.

First of all you have more chance of pi**ing people off with you consistent ringing at stupid o’clock in the morning, which is never good.

Secondly you are just delaying the inevitable of getting out of your nice warm bed and into the chills of what currently feels like the new ice age.

And third on my list is you are starting the day quite negatively.

I believe it is Mel Robbins who has published her book called the 5 second rule and this is about making those split second decisions in life to ensure we make the right choices for ourselves.

I first heard about this many years ago about when your alarm goes off you should start an automatic countdown in your head from 5 and you must be out of bed before you hit zero.

Doing this can really kick start your day into a more decisive and motivated mood. No more slogging around wasting time… get up prepare your days meals, go for a walk or even a nice relaxing shower to help wake you up.

No matter what you do, try to start the day on a high and reap the benefits of an early morning win.

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